Stop managing storage
start managing data


Manage your data lifecycle.

Leverage cloud for cost effective storage.

Discover your data.

Bring your data to life with clear and beautiful analytics and interactive charting. See your unstructured data growth visualized in real-time and make better decisions about how to manage it.


Protect all your data.

Businesses today need a better and more cost effective way of managing their data assets locally, in the cloud and across global locations.  Kazoup helps expand the possibilities of what you can do with your data, working with key providers like AWS, Google and Microsoft to better leverage cloud, giving everyone across the organization the information they need faster.

Enterprise search you’ll actually use.

All your data, all the time.  If you already have lots of data safely stored in file shares, why not make that available to your users – from where it currently lives – securely – and within minutes.  Fine-grained security ensures data is safe and secure from collection to query with Active Directory integration

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